The event is now over—thanks to everyone who participated! Videos of the talks are available from the program page.

It’s been ten years of GNU Guix! To celebrate, and to share knowledge and enthusiasm, a birthday event will take place on September 16–18th, 2022, in Paris, France.

Slicing the birthday cake.


The program spans three days, from Friday to Sunday, 9AM to 6PM.

Friday: Reproducible deployment for reproducible research

This day is dedicated to reproducible software deployment as a foundation for reproducible research workflows, with experience reports from scientists and practitioners, using Guix and other tools.

Saturday: Hacking (with) Guix

Saturday is for Guix and free software enthusiasts, users and developers alike. We will reflect on ten years of Guix, show what it has to offer, and present on-going developments and future directions.

Sunday: Hands-on!

On Sunday, users and developers (or developers-to-be) will discuss technical and community topics and join forces for hacking sessions, unconference style.


Attendance is free—as in “freedom” and as in “gratis”—but we kindly ask you to register so we have an estimate of how many of us will be eating the birthday cake.

Registration for the in-person event is now closed, but talks will be live-streamed.

Code of Conduct

This online conference is an official Guix event. Therefore, the Code of Conduct applies. Please be sure to read it beforehand!

If you witness violations of the code of conduct during the event, please get in touch with the organizers or email, a private email alias that reaches the organizers and the GNU Guix maintainers.


For inquiries, please email, a private alias that reaches the organizers: Ludovic Courtès, Simon Tournier, and Tanguy Le Carrour.

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